Why you are here....

Since I've suffered with migraines for over 30 yrs, I thought I'd try chiropractic therapy and chonicle my progress. I hope it gives someone else an solution whether this treatment is right for you. Gives a whole different meaning to "step on a crack, break your mother's back".

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Knee issues corrected

I haven't been in to see "the boys', as I call them, in a while. Probably since the end of April. Part of the reason is because I have had my layoff (of 4 wks) extended until Sept. Wayyyy too long. So the money is not there. They would say that is no excuse, but I want to pay my way as I go.

That being said, Dr V did a 'talk' at a class I'm taking with the local police dept. and I realized I couldn't put it off any longer. Not that anything was bothering me, except my knees. After injuring my right knee during an outdoors zumba class years ago, and doing therapy for it, it still crunches (holding my hand on my knee) when I bend and straighten it, I can feel it.

Today I went over to the facility and before Dr V did any adjustments, I had him put him hand on my knee and feel it crunch. He said something about my ligament possibly being damaged, and had me lie down. After doing the adjustments he felt I needed, he did some additional ones for my rght knee. Had me bend my knees and put my feet on the bed (I was laying on my back). He bent my lower leg to the left holding my knee and thigh under his arm. He also pulled on my leg (hyperextended it). Whatever he did, it stopped hurting like it was. Not to say there is no ache there, but hardly any at all. Before this, every step was painful.

Unfortunately, it gave me a slight  sinus headache, so after all my errands, I came home and took one Excedrin Migraine. (sorry Dr V. I have to be well enough to go to my graduating class tonight, and the smell of the chili I'm bringing wasn't settling correct in my stomach). Was nice to see my teacher (officer) of my class show up for his adjustmnt as I was leaving. lol

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Update needed

I must say I haven't been posting anything here, because all seems to be so improved. I did get a migraine in the middle of the Blizzard of 2013 (in the Northeast it was called Charlotte). got ick in a snowbank and keep shoveling my section of the driveway, then went inside the house, got sick again and headed for bed. Slept most of it off. Unfortunately we had my mom (age 84) as a guest. She ended up taking care of me, sort of.

I'm only scheduled to see the chiropractors on a every-other-week basis, but I tend to hold off seeing them to every three weeks when I can (due to the cost). I'm on a layoff of 6 wks right now, so I can't afford to go as often as they'd like. I'll be there sometime this week.

The last time I went they did relieve some pain in my knee (although I keep re-injuring it). Right knee (inside) was giving me some pretty intense pain (I'd tried to go ice skating in my sneakers with my grandson Kai and I slid sideways (and my ankle turned). Yeowww! Hurt for a few weeks before I went to see them, and the pain was gone in a day or two.

Still must admit it works.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

CT Chiropractors helping USA go for gold

This was from the HartfordBusiness.com... (My doctors)

Drs. Vasco Valov and Jason Sousa, owners of PROHealth Chiropractic Center in Manchester, are in London to support and care for members of Team USA's Olympic judo, weightlifting, wrestling and sitting volleyball teams. Valov and Sousa were selected by Orlando-based Maximized Living. The doctors have been partners with Maximized Living since 2010 and have been active members of the Wellness Advisory Council. They have also worked closely with the USA judo team as it trained for the Olympics.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Year End Review

It's been a little over a year and I thought I'd post the update.

I've had a few minor headaches since last Feb, when I started this journey, but I must say I've only had 4-5 MIGRAINES. Two of which I was sick and vomiting with, and the other three were tolerated well, with just an excedrin migraine pill or an adjustment. That would never have been the case before chiropractic.

I'm only going once every two weeks (as of Feb 2012), so I hope the benefits will be just as good.
I must say I had a doozy of a migraine this week (Tues, into Wed). And, yes, I has an adjustment on Tues evening. I was sick with it on Tues morning, but felt queasy most of the day. Went to bed BEFORE my 6 yr old grandson (threw up after trying to eat something for dinner). My stomach finally started to settle down by Wed afternoon. I had to resort to oyster crackers and ice cubes, but it's okay. I even went out for my walk on Wed night, and that wasn't even in the cards on Tues!!

I'm still keeping track of the progress, just not as frequently.
Dr V & Dr S. were very good about documenting my progress for my new insurance company. I hope it helps reduce the premium hike.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

one hour relief!

I've settled into the process of getting an adjustment (see, I didn't say 'getting cracked') now only once a week. I was trying to go on Wed evenings after work, but my work schedule just changed to being out at 6:30pm and 'the boys' are only open until 6pm. AND my busiest time is between 3pm-6:30pm, and they are only open in the afternoon from 3pm-6pm. Oh well, I'll have to figure a time in the morning (they are open 9am-11am)... go figure.

Anyway, after missing a time for last week, and being SUPER busy at work, my hands and back was really shot!! I needed a new set of hands (I work in the shipping dept (alone- I run it, AND help in the finishing dept. -I run that too!). Of course, crocheting hats for charity doesn't help the 'hand' issue.

I decided I needed to see them. This week. no excuses. I planned to take a half hour off (or more) even if it meant taking a lunch at 10:30-11am!! Let me tell you... after seeing them yesterday (and thank God I tell them when and where I'm hurting), Dr S is a magician! I realized at about 12:30pm... I had new hands on me. in fact, so much that I didn't want to use them because I didn't want to screw up what they had done!

relief.....(I'm a believer)

Sunday, June 26, 2011


After meeting with Dr V privately and talking with him about my daughter's financial situation last week, he insisted I have her speak with him... words he used were "financial hardship" and "we can push the finances aside".

After sitting through an entire hour and a half 'dr's report', the finances were 'handed off' to E.
and she told my daughter she needed 24 sessions and it would cost her over $1000!!! When I told her about the conversation I had with Dr V and what he said, she was VERY surprised. Even stunned! She would have to check with him and get back to us.

I hope to have a conversation with Dr V about this next week.

Oh, and I WAS supposed to have my final x-ray and scan (after my initial 48 sessions). It didn't happen and I haven't made an appt. yet, but we'll see what they say about continuing on a maintenance scedule and what the cost will be.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well, I'll be....

It started out a sucky day. And REAL early! I woke up at 3:17-ish AM, with a headache. Dull, but there.

I got out of bed as quietly as I could, so not to wake up Lee, used the bathroom, took one Excedrin Migraine, drank a full glass of water and sucked on an icecube (it helps fight nausea) as I walked up the stairs to bed. I didn't fall asleep (I HATE that) and realized it was now 4:24am ... but must have fallen back to sleep, because I woke up and it was 7:55. I am usually at work at 8-8:30am. I called work to let them know I would be in late, hoping to get rid of my migraine. I wasn't at the stage of throwing up (I usually am at that stage with my migraines), but I felt like it might happen.

I came downstairs and made a cup of tea... had a small bowl of cereal with milk (it stayed down. That's a good sign). I laid down for a little while, watching the weather/news station (with the volume on #6-low), putting pressure on different areas of my head/face. This is my usual remedy, not that it WORKS every time. I finally shut off the tv, knowing it was gonna rain most all day and tried to sleep on the couch. Didn't work.

As I lay there, I remembered something that Dr. V said to me the last time I went in after having a violent migraine (Ash Wednesday 2011).
"Why didn't you call us?"
My response was, "How can I come in to see you guys, when I'm puking! I certainly can't drive and throw up at the same time and be safe!!"
"I would have come to you..."
Okay, that's what they say, huh? Then I'm calling (I usually get sick if I have to speak, but I wasn't at that stage yet, so I made the phone call to their office). They said to come in early or they are open 3pm-6pm later. I said I was coming in NOW. "ok!" They aren't so far from the house, so I was there in less than 5 mins.

Dr S worked on me, after hearing how I was feeling. He adjusted me back, used a device (hand-held) to trigger some pounding into my back muscles, then had me get up into a chair, took my neck temp on each side (I was 2 degrees off) and adjusted my neck. He sent me off with his usual request to "drink lots of water today" (I do). Off to work I decided to go, since I was already out of the house. (If I get sick at work I can always come home).
While speaking to my immediate boss (and the person who referred me to this office), I realized in the middle of a sentence... "I don't have a headache anymore!..."

How wonderful....(am I really becoming a 'believer'?)